, Crete, Greece

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Executive Suite PHAISTOS Suite details

Executive Suite PHAISTOS

In Phaistos, excavations began in 1900, by the Italian Archaeological School, and brought to light the second in size, after the Knossos, Minoan...

Superior suite PRINCE Suite details

Superior suite PRINCE

The prince with the lilies or the “prince- priest” is a fresco in relief from the palace of Knossos. The decoration of the western room adjacent...

Junior suite ARIADNI Suite details

Junior suite ARIADNI

According to the Greek mythology, Ariadne was the beautiful daughter of Minos, the King of Knossos. Theseus, the son of Aegean, the King of Athe...

Standard suite KNOSSOS Suite details

Standard suite KNOSSOS

In 1878, Minos Kalokerinos, a citizen of Heraklion, began excavation on Kefala hill, about 5 km south of Heraklion. Four rooms were excavated an...